Big poop - Journal paper is wrong!

I have just noticed that the first journal paper we are planning to send in with Hannah contains a huge error: I keep mentioning predictors, but I should be talking about random effects!

lme4 and P-values

There is a lot of stuff online about eliciting p-values for lme4 linear mixed-effects regression model coefficients (just google it). I opted for MCMCglmm because I like MCMC , and because lme4 has deprecated its own MCMC implementation.

Starting a research journal

So this is hopefully going to be where I put up my personal notes about my final year of PhD research. I don't know whether it'll be public, or whether it'll end up having more than a handful posts, but here it is. If all goes well, there is going to be Bayesian probability stuff, machine learning stuff, heaps of IPython notebooks and a lot of HMMs lying about here this time next year.