I don't know how many times I have tried to keep semi-technical blogs, even if only for the sake of remembering stuff I have done. I have always failed to keep writing. Either I was too interested in solving the problem to take notes, or was too pressed for time. Or some other excuse if you can think of one. 

But now that I actually have a personal website that I have to take care of, perhaps I will finally find the discipline to write down all those little things that I have to remember Google queries for. I also moved all the posts from my previous (and again, very sparsely populated) research blog here in time. 

These are the most likely themes: Python, R, Machine learning, Django, Mezzanine, Linux, OS/X. 

Let me also put a picture of Einstein being blue here because I can. I didn't sift through all that Django stuff just to post text. 

Sad Einstein talking to his therapist

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