I am a PhD candidate at the Artificial Intelligence Lab of Vrije Universiteit Brussel under Bart de Boer as a part of the ERC-funded ABACUS project. I am working on using Markov and Semi-Markov models to measure combinatorial structure in and attribute such structure to continuous signals. Such signals include but are not limited to speech and bird calls. I am focused on data from artificial language experiments. I am nearing the end of my studies, and currently trying to write up my doctoral thesis.

My interests in the academy include evolutionary linguistics, NLP, language games, (Bayesian) probabilistic models, Hidden Markov Models and their derivatives, corpus linguistics, and general cognitive science.


Besides my academic stuff, I enjoy playing the guitar as well as the bass, leaving compositions half-finished and layering things. I am also rumored to enjoy good fiction.

I was born and raised in Ankara (Turkey), and have lived in Colchester (UK) and Brussels (Belgium) besides my hometown. I will be in or around Brussels until at least Fall 2017, I am open to suggestions (and offers) as to what to do next.