This is more of a personal reminder than anything. The site is built using Mezzanine, which is itself built on Django. I needed the git version of Mezzanine due to some bugfixes that didn't make it to the release. The CV and Publications sections are a separate app. The PDF files generated are built using easy-pdf-django, which uses reportlab and xhtml2pdf. There is an issue with some Turkish letters, so I reduce them to their ASCII counterparts, but only for the PDFs. I further used Mezzanine Pagedown for Markdown support. I also added Google Prettifier and MathJax for syntax highlighting and maths notation. The deployment is as a Django app on Amazon Beanstalk. Pretty hassle free. The whole thing is self-contained. This makes the uploaded versions available through Amazon's environment history. Also, justification of the blog text was interestingly hairy. I ended up using [this][1] in the end. [1]: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/markdown-justify-text-of-a-post
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